A Busy Busy few weeks..

Its been a little manic here at Pro-Photo in the last few weeks shooting for a no of great clients, Dolls Avenue, The Financial Times, Way Fair, Blackburn and Darwen Council. All great fun...

Our New Photography Studio

Our new Photography Studio is now officially open, it's incredible to have a space where we can now work and produce images we want.

This week has been a busy week shooting furniture for one of our incredible clients. Here is just a few of our first week in the studio.

The studio is almost complete.

Wow!!! What a hectic four months, but we are finally there. We now have a 5000 foot studio with a 24 ft x 24 ft infinity curve, various shooting areas and over 2000 square feet for set builds. We are so excited to get shooting in our new space. This was the dream 5 years ago, it has been an incredible journey. 

We have a number of promotions coming up so keep your eyes peeled. 



Salon Prive and this weeks workload.

Here at Pro-Photo we were really excited to get the call to do some work for a local client who is featuring at this years Salon Prive Show at Blenheim Palace. A huge job, with set design and set builds, using quality products such as Chesterfields is always a pleasure.

With such a great location like an old mill we could really get creative with some of the lighting whilst highlighting the incredible products as the main focal point. Shooting photography like this really does get the creative juices flowing.

With a visit to the manufactureres to see tradional products being made it has been an education.

Using the amazing Elinchrom lighting systems we have and out trusted Canon gear we could really get the very best out of the builds. An awesome week and with a lot more work to do next week, shooting 360 degree product photography. 


Because Images Matter

Food Photography

A busy week in the studio and on location shooting food photography for The TAPS Bar in Darwen, Lancashire. With a great new menu to showcase it was important to show the quality of the dishes.

Lighting plays a key part in producing quality food images, and time and care is taken to design the food just as you would expect when you order. 

Using the Canon 5d iii and the incredible ERB 400 lighting system from Elinchrom. 


2018 Weddings

Our 2018 wedding diary is already looking busy with some fantastic bookings in some incredible venues. We are lucky enough to be in a position to travel any where to photograph the big day that also includes overseas.

If you are getting married in 2018 then we would love to hear from you. 

2017 Wedding Fayres

With the wedding season fast approaching we are taking part in various wedding fayres throughout Lancashire this year. We are at The Whitehall Hotel in Febuary, a fabulous venue that holds some incredible backdrops for those "Magazine" shots. Having shot at The Whitehall on numerous occasions we have developed a very special understanding with the venue and the staff.

With a number of bookings at The Whitehall Hotel this year and next we cant wait to get creative in some of the incredible rooms they have to offer.

This image was shot in The Bridal Suite at the hotel and is definately one of our favourites from last year.

Web Prepared squarespace.jpg

Weddings by Pro-Photo

We have been very busy lately with various aspects of our wedding photography. With next years bookings looking great and various shoots lined up for wedding suppliers its looking like a busy 2017.

Here are some of our most recent images from the last few weeks..

Pro-Photo go Profoto

Here at Pro-Photo we are committed to providing the very best service, and shaping light to make an image is a huge part of that service. So we have taken the step to move forward and step into the remarkable world of Profoto Lighting Equipment.

Having invested in the Profoto B1's and B2's plus soft boxes, beauty dishes, modifiers, snoots etc etc.. we couldn't wait to try them out...

Profoto have been a leading force in the quest for perfect lighting equipment and in our eyes they have achieved just that. Simple and easy to use, lightweight and easy to transport but delivering with incredible quality. The prolific B1 and B2 are a photographers dream providing all of the answers if your a photographer on the go.

Great build quality, robust and strong and feel like a quality product.. right down to the add on's of modifiers, snoots etc... Conveniently bagged and ready to go.

Battery Charge takes about two hours from flat but gives amazing battery life without the need for cables or multiple triggers.... Incredible!!!

So we couldn't wait, we asked Kelly and Adrian to do an engagement shoot as we are shooting their wedding later this month. "Like a kid in a sweet shop" is the only way I can describe using this lighting... It was amazing!!

We are very impressed with the quality of the Profoto equipment and can not wait to get into some gritty jobs where we can put it to good use!! Profoto all the way... No turning back!!



Wedding Photography

Take a look at the packages available for your wedding day. Beautiful wedding photography that will provide memories of your special day.

Two photographers for the price of one... Easy payment plans available on request.

Let Pro-Photo look after the big day... Images Matter.

Limb Power

We were fortunate enough to spend the day shooting at Stoke Mandaville Stadium, photographing some incredible kids who have suffered an amputation. These young people were an inspiration to us all. Never have I seen such fortitude and determination to get on with life as I have with these people

Limb Power do an incredible job, teaching, training and giving people the skills to overcome disability. Well done Limb Power!!!! http://www.limbpower.com/