Pro-Photo go Profoto

Here at Pro-Photo we are committed to providing the very best service, and shaping light to make an image is a huge part of that service. So we have taken the step to move forward and step into the remarkable world of Profoto Lighting Equipment.

Having invested in the Profoto B1's and B2's plus soft boxes, beauty dishes, modifiers, snoots etc etc.. we couldn't wait to try them out...

Profoto have been a leading force in the quest for perfect lighting equipment and in our eyes they have achieved just that. Simple and easy to use, lightweight and easy to transport but delivering with incredible quality. The prolific B1 and B2 are a photographers dream providing all of the answers if your a photographer on the go.

Great build quality, robust and strong and feel like a quality product.. right down to the add on's of modifiers, snoots etc... Conveniently bagged and ready to go.

Battery Charge takes about two hours from flat but gives amazing battery life without the need for cables or multiple triggers.... Incredible!!!

So we couldn't wait, we asked Kelly and Adrian to do an engagement shoot as we are shooting their wedding later this month. "Like a kid in a sweet shop" is the only way I can describe using this lighting... It was amazing!!

We are very impressed with the quality of the Profoto equipment and can not wait to get into some gritty jobs where we can put it to good use!! Profoto all the way... No turning back!!